Utility-scale PV Value Chain Stages

Renewable energy development, financing, construction and operation represents a series of phases that every utility-scale project must go through. Effective risk and project management must acknowledge the unique characteristics of each phase in the project lifecycle if economic effectiveness is to be maintained.

The major stages in the renewable energy value chain (in all of which Zengo Energy is experienced) include:

  • Greenfield project development - getting our hands dirty on all the practical details that go into a high quality bankable project permit

  • Local community involvement and support - through consistent, clear and honest communication and a willingness to listen to local needs

  • Project finance – Clear methodologies, professional project risk assessment and document management as needed to unlock project finance of €100m+ for specific individual projects

  • Owners' equity perspective on project construction, satisfying the implicit needs of project or debt finance – Up-to-date practical knowhow on advanced EPC contracting strategies and specific technical clauses in order to protect the long-term owner’s economic interests

  • Active skilled monitoring of an EPC and local subcontractors during on-site construction activities – interactive risk management working alongside the EPC partner during the construction phase

  • Commissioning and handover of an operating PV plant

  • Documentation, packaging and negotiation leading to the sale of operating utility-scale PV plants to global top-tier investors – we have proven that delivering utility-scale PV projects from a scalable platform satisfies the needs of the most demanding global-scale investors

  • Operations and maintenance – There is no one better positioned to undertake O&M tasks than a team with experience in permitting, engineering design and construction – we understand precisely which tasks to do and how to perform them professionally and economically. This ensures that our power plants meet or exceed the energy generation predictions made at the planning stage. We also have the capability to direct additional investment in order to enhance the operating performance of previously engineered power plants.