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Track Record Projects

Illustrative projects from a larger portfolio of over 750MW of projects developed (through other corporate entities) since 2009:

Construction in Italy:
  • Montalto di Castro (via Andromeda and Cassiopea) - 85MW d.c. - constructed and financed during 2010 and 2011 - the world's largest (in terms of energy production) solar power plant when constructed
  • Solare Roma - 13MW d.c. - constructed and financed during 2011
  • Lanuvio - 20MW
  • Galatina - 10MW
  • Pofi - 5MW

Business development in the UK:

  • Rapid streamlined development of a series of 5MW power plants, mostly in the South West including Cornwall and Devon - many of these projects have been sold to third parties for construction during 2012

Business development in Israel:

  • Over 200MW of permits developed 

Business development in Greece:

  • Over 60MW of permits developed

Business development in Spain:

  • Over 750MW of due diligence on PV projects placed for sale on the secondary market